Mia Lederman  – Osteopath

DipRCOT BSc (Hons) Ost DO

Mia Lederman has worked in the health sector for thirty years, first as an occupational therapist, then an osteopath. As an OT, she worked in mental health and palliative care, developing a career long interest in holistic integrated health.

In her clinical osteopathic practice, she focuses on a systems wide approach encompassing the social, occupational, psychological and physical elements, which all contribute to affect health and wellbeing.

In recent years Mia has specialised in the assessment, diagnosis and management of complex back and neck injuries, seeing people for whom many other treatments have been tried and often unsuccessful, or non-lasting. Her success is to work in what she terms a ‘patient-in-context’ approach. Blending her two professional trainings she focuses on both treating the biomechanics to restore good function, and also considers the practical way people carry out their activities of daily life.

“When people can make a few small changes in living and working habits, and gain more understanding about triggers and preventative measures, they can reinforce their own recovery as well as reduce the risk of relapse.

It’s a virtuous circle.”

Mia has run Integrated health practices in England and France, with a mixed patient population including general osteopathic care, and also more specialised services such as setting up and running an obstetric osteopathic clinic, field-side sports injury care, and a drop-in injury assessment service for endurance walkers and runners.

She provides workplace wellbeing consultancy and return to work planning for people who need support to return to the workplace after a period of absence. This includes workplace assessments and practical advice for strain prevention and management for people in working environments, including those who work from home.

Mia has taught and lectured at a number of osteopathic colleges in the UK and internationally, supervising clinical year students in the training clinic, giving treatment demonstrations and examining. She has presented at conferences and Communities of Practice, usually on her specialist interest of clinical integration, and ‘Patient-in-Context”. She is also a part-time student herself, working towards a master’s degree in Systems Thinking.

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