A treatment you can use at home or while you are travelling.

Hot and cold therapy is to be used to reduce swelling and improve healing of damaged tissue. The application of cold causes a reduction of inflammation and a contraction of the blood vessels and tissues. The heat allows expansion of the vessels and tissues. The 2 combined creates a pumping mechanism allowing excess fluid and waste products from the swelling to be removed and fresh blood containing healing nutrients to flow through the area.


Have ready

  • 1) A cold pack or a packet of peas from the freezer, (cover with a tea towel to prevent an ice burn on the skin).
  • 2) A hot water bottle or hot pack heated in the microwave. Also cover with a tea towel or thin cloth.
    1. Apply the cold pack to the painful / swollen area for 2 minutes.
    2. Remove and apply the hot pack for 2 minutes
    3. Re apply the cold pack for 2 minutes.
    4. Repeat the process 3 times always finishing with COLD.
    5. Perform the above steps 3 times per day for maximum effect.
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